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Soumik Robotics Lab

Explore the cutting-edge world of robotics at our Robotics Lab. From artificial intelligence algorithms to mechanical innovation, delve into the future of technology through hands-on experimentation and research. Join us in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in robotics


Discover the transformative field of robotics, where science meets innovation

Smart Chips

Embark on a journey of innovation at our Smart Chips Robotics Lab

AI & Security

Dive into the forefront of technology and security with our AI & Security Robotics Lab

Mission & Vision

Changing the Future of Robotics for the Better

Join us in shaping a brighter tomorrow at our ‘Changing the Future of Robotics for the Better’ Robotics Lab. Explore how robotics can positively impact society through innovation and ethical development. From healthcare advancements to environmental sustainability, together, we’re redefining what’s possible in robotics for a better future


Experience the future of manufacturing at our Manufacturing Robotics Lab. Discover how robotics revolutionizes efficiency, precision, and safety in the production process. From automated assembly lines to collaborative robots, explore the cutting-edge technologies shaping the next industrial era


Unlock the potential of intelligent robotics at our Intelligence Robotics Lab. Explore the convergence of advanced algorithms and sensory capabilities, driving the development of machines that learn, adapt, and interact with their environment. Join us in pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence to create groundbreaking robotic solutions for a smarter, more connected world


Discover the future of service-oriented robotics at our Service Robotics Lab. Explore how robotics technology enhances our daily lives through applications in healthcare, hospitality, and beyond. From companion robots to automated assistance, join us in pioneering solutions that elevate the human experience and redefine service industries


An Industry Leader In Robotic Education

Experience excellence in robotic education at our industry-leading Robotics Lab. From foundational principles to advanced applications, we provide comprehensive training in robotics technology. Join us to gain hands-on experience, develop cutting-edge skills, and become a leader in the rapidly evolving field of robotics


What Can We Do For You?

Robotic Installation

Step into the future of automation with our Robotic Installation Robotics Lab. Explore innovative solutions for seamless integration and optimization of robotic systems in various industries. From precision engineering to efficient deployment, join us in mastering the art of robotic installation and transforming the way we work

Automation & Efficiency

Unlock the power of automation and efficiency at our Robotics Lab. Discover how robotics technology streamlines processes, increases productivity, and drives innovation across industries. From intelligent automation to advanced robotics systems, join us in shaping a more efficient and sustainable future

Research & Development

Explore the forefront of innovation at our Research & Development Robotics Lab. Delve into groundbreaking research, pushing the boundaries of robotics technology. From conceptualization to implementation, join us in pioneering the next generation of robotic solutions to address the world’s most pressing challenges

Smart Device Control

Enter the realm of smart device control at our Robotics Lab. Explore cutting-edge technologies that enable seamless interaction and management of smart devices. From IoT integration to advanced control systems, join us in shaping the future of interconnected technology through innovative robotics solutions

Hardware & Software Training

Experience comprehensive training in hardware and software integration at our Robotics Lab. Explore the intricate interplay between hardware components and software algorithms, honing your skills to develop advanced robotic systems. Join us to gain hands-on expertise in building, programming, and optimizing robots for diverse applications.

Premium Customer Service

Experience excellence in customer service robotics at our Premium Customer Service Robotics Lab. Explore cutting-edge technologies that enhance customer interactions and satisfaction. From personalized assistance to seamless automation, join us in revolutionizing the way businesses deliver exceptional service experiences

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It’s Never Too Late or Too Early to Get Started

Discover the limitless possibilities of robotics at our ‘It’s Never Too Late or Too Early to Get Started’ Robotics Lab. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a curious beginner, our inclusive environment welcomes all levels of expertise. Join us in exploring the exciting world of robotics, where innovation knows no bounds