What Is a Dedicated Server, And When Do You Need One?

The statistics show that around 16.5 million websites were hacked around the first quarter of 2022, which highlights the seriously increasing rate of cyber attacks on websites. 

Though shared hosting is good hosting to start with, one DDoS attack on a single website on its server can disrupt every website on that specific server.

Therefore, it is best to go with VPS hosting in Australia, as it allows a more secure setup due to its semi-isolated environment, which lets you configure the server security to your precise specifications. 

So, if you are looking for reliable Australian domain hosts, then a VPS server can also be one of the best hosting solutions to start with.

What is VPS Server Hosting?

Hosting a VPS server involves separate partitions of physical servers into multiple Virtual Servers. 

It means each server has its own operating system, resources, and space, which you can completely control over your Virtual Server. 

In addition, it can customise your environment, add software, and modify your settings according to your needs.

What makes Virtual Server Hosting a Flexible Hosting Solution?

  • Server isolation 

You don’t get flexibility when you work on shared hosting, as it hosts more than one website on a single server. 

Further, the host handles server resource allocation, administration, customisation and setting, which doesn’t include any control or flexibility to handle your server.

On the other hand, with a VPS server, you get full control of your server, which also includes administrative control as well. Moreover, due to its isolated environment, any configuration on the server will not affect other websites on their primary server.

  • Complete root access

The USP of VPS server hosting is complete root access, which means you get complete administrative control over your VPS Server.

This means you can make changes in your server and customise it based on specific website and business requirements.

 Further, you can also install supporting software, third-party apps, and ports or change settings for better performance and security. You can also choose OS as per preference.

  • Access as per hierarchy

One of the significant benefits that you get due to complete control is the flexibility to create an access hierarchy. This will allow limited and controlled access based on your team’s role and requirements. 

Due to this flexibility, you can avoid any fraudulent attempts, accidental changes, and human errors and ensure the highest VPS Server security and integrity. 

Hence, a VPS Server Web Hosting solution provides the highest level of flexibility by letting you take complete control over your server, settings, configurations, performance, uptime, security, and access hierarchy. 

When is the best time to switch to a VPS hosting solution?

  • When your hosting requirement has outgrown shared hosting features
  • You are anticipating scalability.
  • When you want to have an advanced and reliable security solution that is more powerful than shared web hosting.
  • When you need control over your server, safety, performance, settings, and upgrades 
  • When you want to host more than one business website on a single server, your Shared Server swallows up all the available bandwidth and resources. 


Therefore, all together, VPS web hosting is the most flexible hosting solution, which has easy control and configuration that helps to enhance performance and security through complete root access.