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Based on O’Reilly’s latest Cloud Adoption report shows that more than 90% of companies make use of cloud web hosting services, which highlights how demanding cloud hosting services are over and above other hosting options.

Cloud hosting servers have unmatchable webpage loading with robust security, which is an essential reason that has led to a rise in demand for cloud hosting. 

 But before choosing your best cloud hosting option, you need to understand what cloud hosting services are in detail.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to look into what cloud hosting is and how cloud hosting exactly works.

What is cloud hosting?

The internet is a vast network that links hardware and software together to communicate for data sharing. In contrast, the cloud provides different services such as software or helps in building complete infrastructure on the internet. That means the internet is a support system that facilitates cloud communication.

Further, it is essential to understand that those folks who provide cloud services via the internet are known as service providers, and those who opt for this kind of service are known as subscribers.

Now that we understand the basics of what is cloud and its infrastructure let us understand cloud hosting. 

Earlier web page hosting was done through a single server in a data centre, which could be shared hosting or dedicated hosting based on requirements.

But with cloud hosting, rather than keeping your website data on a single server, it is spread across various servers in different places, and the best part is all this data is still connected.

You get to access your website data through a virtual machine that communicates with different servers that are spread across the cloud.

So, how does the spreading of data across servers help?

It helps when you need more resources. In that case, your backend system helps to control the distribution of power and storage capacity.

The cloud server admin allows one to log in to check how hard each machine works, which is known as virtualization, which makes it easy to get the resources you need quickly and accurately.

How Cloud Server Hosting Works?

It is a smart solution that is a great alternative to expensive computers; it is basically like renting processing power and tools that let you access your resources without charging high prices-

  • High-Tech Hardware

The secure cloud hosting makes use of strong servers with fast hard drives and lots of memory; you don’t need separate servers for each task.

  • Virtual Servers

In public cloud setups, your hosting is done on a virtual server that gets resources from other available virtual sources.

  • Data Transfer

Your data travels through a public network to a server, acting as a resource for the cloud.

  • Security Measures

No worries about security, as there are cloud security best practices that measure to keep your data private and safe from malware.

  • Private Cloud

For extra security, there’s a private cloud option. It uses unique resources on-site or with the cloud service provider, like your own fenced-off area for data.


With cyber-crimes at their peak, you need to have a secure and reliable hosting option that doesn’t compromise on security, and hence cloud hosting solution is unbeatable in that sense.