Your high-speed internet provider: Chicago RCN internet

Rcn is said to be one of the most preferable internet service providers. It is said to be an award-winning high-speed internet provider offering affordable and reliable internet services in Chicago. Chicago RCN internet provides high-speed internet speed up to 940 MBPS throughout the region. With its high-speed internet connection, you will be able to stream the game and connect multiple devices to a single router without any data caps. 

RCN is known for delivering seamless Wi-Fi for your home so that you will be able to enjoy your favourite add your favourite device without any book free also they deliver a secure and fast connection to your home. 

What Internet speed do you need?

Doesn’t matter how small or big your family is it is to get the best Internet connection with reliable speed. If all the members of your home connect their devices to a single router that is right become very important that you should have an Internet connection with a fast speed so that if multiple devices are connected to the router in which not affect the speed of the internet. With fast and reliable internet you will be able to stream your favourite videos and shows online and spend your quality time with family and friends. 

Upload speed vs download speed

Most of the internet service providers when advertised there the internet download speed which means the amount of data you will receive from the internet and at what speed. The recommendation is given on download speed along with upload speed.

It is very important to consider upload speed also along with download speed but most people does not consider upload speed and only consider more download bandwidth than the upload bandwidth. It is very important that the internet service provider should provide good upload speed along with the download speed. It is so because when you work from home you need to upload various data files. Generally, you will have more download speed as compared to the upload speed provided by the internet service provider. Usually, it has been seen that for every 10 MBPS of download bandwidth you will have 1 MBPS of upload bandwidth. So if you are having a 100 MBPS internet package that means you will be given 10 MBPS for upload speed. 

Sometimes you should be very considerate of the upload speed provided by the internet service provider as sometimes you often need to share large files or have to upload important videos in the cloud for that you have a good internet connection with higher upload speed as well. RCN internet is not only known for providing good download speed but at the same time, it is also very important to have good upload speed for the users.

What is a good internet speed?

It is said that you will have a good internet connection when you have a download speed of at least 25 Mbps and an upload speed of at least 3 Mbps. With RCN internet you will get good upload and download speed at the same time without any data cabs and also your data are very secured with them. Some people might need more download speed and more upload speed depending upon their nature of work but on average the above-mentioned speed is considered to be good internet speed for household purposes.

Most internet speeds are equally account of the term of download speed. If your internet service provider gives you the download speed of 30 MBPS and upload speed of 3mbps then it would consider that the internet speed of your internet service provider is 30 Mbps. This is the trend mostly followed by every individual but along the download, speed is very important to consider the upload speed as well at the same time. With the download speed of 30 MBPS you can easily watch your striving videos on your favourite mobile device and also you can be able to connect multiple devices with the router and still you will have a good connection without buffering. 

Let’s break down the common download stats ranges in Mbps

5-40 Mbps: this works best to stream your favourite device and also do video calling on FaceTime or Skype and also be able to play your favourite online game with a single player.

40-100 Mbps: with this download speed you will be able to watch your streaming video in HD quality with a fever device. Also, it is good for multiplayer online gaming and downloading heavy files.

100-500 Mbps:  with this speed, you can easily download heavy files within seconds and also be eligible to play online games with multiple players without any data caps.

Rosa G. Rose

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