Watching the Planet While Stuck in the House

Abruptly we discover ourselves stuck. COVID-19 has closed off a great deal of the enjoyment we’re applied to acquiring obtain to and, in some instances, we are getting informed to not even leave our residences. You know what? It is for the very best! Stopping a pandemic should really be the most critical job for the world. Nonetheless, it is difficult to come to feel so detached for the relaxation of the globe.

I compiled a several of my preferred resources for genuine-time (or close to it) facts about our world. We might be keeping in one position, but the globe retains going.


USGS Earthquakes map

Map of world-wide earthquakes over M2.5 on March 16, 2020. (Credit: USGS)

On the common working day, there are dozens and dozens of earthquakes that can be detected by the world’s world-wide seismic community. The USGS Earthquake web page retains you up to date on all the shaking. If you click the menu in the best appropriate, you can examine the scope of the map and the lessen limit for the measurement of the earthquakes.


Sakurajima, Japan

Webcam impression of Sakurajima in Japan on March 16, 2020. (Credit: JMA.)

So lots of volcanoes these times have webcams pointed toward them! You can view the now lively volcanoes for new blasts or lava flows. Or, you can just view the volcanic vistas. My favorites include things like:

Alaska Volcano Observatory: The multitude of volcanoes in Alaska are protected with webcams. At the moment, four volcanoes are on heightened warn: Terrific Sitkin, Cleveland, Semisopochnoi and Shishaldin — and all of these have webcams preserve for Semisopochnoi. You can even keep track of the shaking at lots of volcanoes through their webicorders. Note: Some may possibly not be doing the job now because we’re going out of the harsh Alaskan wintertime.

Japanese Meteorological Agency: One of the most total sets of volcano webcams out there … the only problem is the web page is only in Japanese! This tends to make it a minor difficult to select a specific volcano if you don’t read the language. The menu on the appropriate allows you see the volcanoes of a specific area (Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto and Chubu, Izu/Ogasawara Islands and Kyushu from best to base).

Just select one and see what you see — though in this article are some of the most lively or picturesque Japanese volcanoes: Asama — 浅間山 鬼押 in Kanto/Chubu Fuji — 富士山 萩原 in Kanto/Chubu Aso — 阿蘇山 車帰 in Kyushu Suwanosejima — 諏訪之瀬島 寄木 in Kyushu and Sakurajima — 桜島 牛根 in Kyushu.

Kamchatka and Kurile Islands: Russia has a strong selection of webcams wanting at some of the most lively volcanoes on Earth. These include things like Klyuchevskoi, Shiveluch, Bezymianny and lots of far more.

Yellowstone: You can view the geothermal options of North America’s famed caldera, which include the geysers like Outdated Trustworthy. Yellowstone National Park even provides you estimates of the subsequent spouting at Outdated Trustworthy so you can arrive back again to see the motion.


Etna, Italy

Etna in Italy viewed by Sentinel-2 on March 14, 2020. (Credit: ESA.)

One of the most incredible factors of our modern-day globe is all the satellite imagery that permits you to see what is happening nearly any where in near genuine time.

NASA Worldview: This is about as genuine-time satellite illustrations or photos as you get. The NASA Worldview map permits you to see the Terra and Aqua MODIS as well as the Suomi NPP VIIRS illustrations or photos nearly as they arrive. You can toggle different datasets on the menu to the still left and just take “snapshots” with the menu in the best appropriate.

Zoom Earth. Zoom integrates information from lots of freely obtainable satellite illustrations or photos into one very easily searchable site. You can zoom in to see nearly any where on the world and scroll back again through the archives to discover specific occasions. Zoom brings together climate satellite information from Himawari-eight with Earth-observing satellites like Suomi-NPP.

Sentinel Hub Playground: ESA permits you to research the near genuine-time illustrations or photos from the Sentinel satellites. You can research for the site in the best appropriate and pick out information from the still left-hand menu. Find one thing you like? Simply click “generate” in the base of the still left aspect to build a downloadable impression.

NASA Earth Observatory: Last but not least, a curated set of satellite illustrations or photos can be discovered at the unbelievable NASA Earth Observatory. These include things like almost everything from volcanoes to storms to cities to glaciers, tapping the means of the Terra, Aqua and Suomi satellites as well as the USGS/NASA Landsat technique.

With any luck , these means will help you maintain tabs on the globe over the subsequent several weeks. The world is incredible and resilient and so are we. Appreciate what you can explore!