Voice biometrics for CX detects customer age, fraud

Your voice improvements as you age, finding a tiny rougher each and every year. Nuance Communications Gatekeeper voice biometrics technologies analyzes that and one,000 other “micro-traits” that can’t automatically be read by human beings to ensure an elder customer is on the line.

The corporation created the senior age-detection voice biometrics, unveiled very last thirty day period, for its customer Telefonica, to help with improved make contact with centre quantity throughout the pandemic. The Madrid telecom makes use of it to route seniors to priority customer support, with shorter hold out times and protocols to avoid fraudulent account takeover.

Numerous distributors, like Sestek, Verint and Awesome, give AI-centered voice biometrics applications, mostly alongside the strains of voice prints to authenticate unique end users. Nuance Gatekeeper is a security offer that integrates with make contact with centre platforms to deliver that, as well as customer identification by way of discussion syntax and system authentication.

Prospects in the monetary vertical have expressed interest in employing it as a weapon against account fraud there, too, claimed Brett Beranek, vice president and common supervisor of Nuance’s security and biometrics. Seniors are specifically susceptible to social engineering assaults, normally from younger kinfolk, that crystal clear out their funds.

“Imposters from time to time usually are not even the same gender of the title of the unique they’re contacting about, but they have the solutions to the problem thoughts,” claimed Dan Miller, Opus Research analyst. “In many instances, a biometric or other detection technologies is the only line of protection. Brokers want to be helpful, want callers to execute what they’re seeking to do. They can be the weak level in any security plan.”

One particular Nuance customer that manages retirement resources for seniors advised Nuance that 30% to forty% of monetary fraud committed against its account holders arrived from the victim’s youngsters or grandchildren, and that it normally goes unreported because they do not want to send their kinfolk to jail.

“They could have passwords,” Beranek claimed. “But we are equipped to deliver a flag that claims, ‘Hey, the individual which is contacting is not in the ideal age group, this is not anyone in their 60s, 70s or 80s.'”

Nascent advertising and marketing potential

The senior age-detection technologies for Telefonica branched off from a equivalent aspect Nuance created to detect minors, Beranek claimed. Numerous international locations have restrictions surrounding conversations with youngsters, these as creating it illegal to file them, so buyers use that age-detection voice biometric for compliance.

Although Nuance did not discuss distinct precision prices, Beranek normally characterizes Gatekeeper age-detection as weaker in the age group wherever folks solution senior age, with “double digit” inaccuracy for buyers involving the ages of 60 and 65.

[Fraudsters] could have passwords, but we are equipped to deliver a flag that claims, ‘Hey, the individual which is contacting is not in the ideal age group, this is not anyone in their 60s, 70s or 80s.’
Brett BeranekVice president and common supervisor security and biometrics, Nuance Communications

Nuance Gatekeeper is a voice biometrics security instrument, and Beranek claimed that the corporation does not have options to move it into other realms of customer experience, these as profits or advertising and marketing.

There is, nevertheless, potential for personalizing customer support by offering agents age-distinct material and advertising and marketing upsells employing voice biometrics for inbound and outbound make contact with centre phone calls, Miller claimed. In fact, some companies these as Chase have replaced passwords — or presented them as password possibilities — with voice prints for customer comfort. But the business is reticent to move in that path. 

“It is surveillance, so there is certainly an easy to understand pushback,” Miller claimed. “But it could be baked in as benign surveillance, a incredibly important instrument for personalization.

Rosa G. Rose

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