Texas Twister Cuts Destructive Path Visible From Space

Trees ripped out of the floor, autos tossed in the air, and households shredded into splinters — the aftermath of a twister can be a scary sight to behold from the floor.

But what about from room? Is it possible to see a tornado’s route of destruction in satellite imagery?

As the Landsat 8 satellite image higher than shows, the respond to is yes. That considerably uneven line marked by arrows is the route of a twister spawned by a supercell storm procedure that churned throughout just about three hundred miles of the southern United States on Aprill 22 and 23, 2020.

The trail of destruction noticeable in the image was caused by an EF-two tornado that reduce as a result of Jasper and Newton counties in Texas with peak winds of one hundred thirty miles for every hour. It harmed roofs and snapped trees alongside a 37-mile-long observe.

“Whilst this twister passed as a result of a rural space and caused no accidents, the identical supercell storm system spawned various other tornadoes, some of which caused accidents, deaths, and significant destruction to households in various areas in the area,” according to NASA.

The video higher than, consisting of imagery acquired by the GOES-sixteen weather conditions satellite, shows a single supercell that was component of the procedure as it tracked from eastern Texas into Lousiana. As the storm crosses into Louisiana, the video stops. But it stored heading all the way to around the Lousiana-Mississippi border.

A supercell is a specially hazardous sort of thunderstorm featuring a deep, rotating updraft. They commonly create strong downdrafts, large winds, big hail, and at times tornadoes.