When the Moon Dust Settles, It Won’t Settle in VIPER’s Wheels

Moon dust is a formidable adversary – the grains are as fine as powder and as sharp as tiny shards of glass. During the Apollo 17 mission to the Moon, the astronauts lamented how the dust found its way into everything, coating their spacesuits and jamming the shoulder joints, getting inside their lunar habitat and even causing symptoms of a temporary “lunar dust hay fever” in astronaut Harrison Schmitt. Those symptoms fortunately went away quickly – but the problem of Moon dust remains for future missions.

Robotics engineer Jason Schuler performs a preliminary test to prepare for dust testing of

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Major US internet firms won’t cancel services over next 60 days – Telco/ISP

Significant US online suppliers – which include Comcast, AT&T and Verizon Communications – agreed not to terminate service for subscribers for the up coming sixty days if they are not able to fork out their charges thanks to disruptions triggered by the coronavirus.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai stated right after phone calls with far more than fifty corporations that they also agreed to waive any late service fees household or little small business buyers incur mainly because of their financial conditions associated to the coronavirus pandemic.

They also agreed to open up wi-fi hotspots to anybody who desires them, the

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