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The MerlinPrize (“the Challenge”) for obtainable autonomous electrical motor vehicles (AtwoEV) is a crowd-sourced layout competitiveness to crank out revolutionary and inclusive transportation answers for folks with physical, sensory, and/or cognitive disabilities. Automotive market experts forecast that electrical motor vehicles (EVs) will surpass the quantity of gas-driven motor vehicles on the street in the coming a long time, and pretty much all autonomous motor vehicles are electrical. Regrettably, adapting an EV to make it obtainable by individuals that demand a fixed-body electrical wheelchair or scooter to day has been charge-prohibitive owing to the considerable reconfiguration of significant components

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Smoke & Mirrors, book review: How to identify and filter out technology hype


Smoke & Mirrors: How Hoopla Obscures the Long run and How To See Past It • By Gemma Milne Small, Brown Reserve Group 322 webpages ISBN 978-1-4721-4366-2 £14.99

There was a story that built the rounds in the center of the dot-com bust. As share price ranges of tech providers — both equally very good and lousy — cratered, anyone questioned a bunch of Silicon Valley varieties these two questions: Was the world wide web hyped? (Indeed). How several believed that in 5 yrs the world wide web would be even bigger than it was then?

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Rethinking Technology Road Maps for the Second Half of 2020

Enterprises are now able to glimpse once again at the long term of technological know-how and their technological know-how road maps in a new mild — and several understand that their priorities have drastically changed.

If there was ever a issue contemporary instances that a single could issue to and use as justification for digital transformation, we’ve just witnessed it. The significant disruptions and uncertainty that corporations and the world wide economic climate just lately endured demonstrates that effective corporations can no lengthier depend on disjointed tasks and handbook procedures. As a substitute, the target for any business enterprise correct

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Efficient Open-Domain Question Answering | Technology Org

Open area concern answering is emerging as a benchmark approach of measuring computational systems’ skills to read through, represent, and retrieve understanding expressed in all of the files on the net.

Picture credit: Pixabay (Absolutely free Pixabay license)

In this competition contestants will create a concern answering method that includes all of the understanding required to respond to open up-area inquiries. There are no constraints on how the understanding is stored—it could be in files, databases, the parameters of a neural network, or any other sort. Nonetheless, a few competition tracks persuade programs that retailer and entry this understanding making

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SAP Business Technology Platform aims for simplification

SAP would like to offer a person-prevent purchasing for application developers and partners with SAP’s Business enterprise Technology System.

The platform, which was a aim at this week’s SAP Sapphire Now Reimagined, is an umbrella brand name name for products in the SAP portfolio, such as SAP HANA database, SAP Info Warehouse Cloud and SAP Analytics Cloud, and SAP Cloud System Integration Suite. It also incorporates sophisticated systems like AI, equipment mastering and robotic system automation. Qualtrics Practical experience Management characteristics insert shopper and staff sentiment to the mix.

Juergen MuellerJuergen Mueller

There are no new products in the Business enterprise

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