Cloud Sourcing Electricity Usage | Michigan Technological University News

What do energy usage in buildings and traffic congestion have in common? Crowdsourcing.

Sometimes an outside perspective is all it takes to tackle a problem in an innovative
way. And inferring electricity usage in a building without using a meter could be
as simple as correlating average occupancy at a given time.

Measuring electricity consumption can be time-consuming or require installing expensive
equipment that requires regular updating. In comparison, transportation engineers
only occasionally use sensors to measure exact numbers of vehicles on a given stretch
of road, preferring to infer route usage instead.

About the Researcher 


Chee-Wooi Ten, associate professor

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Solar for the People | Michigan Technological University News

L’Anse leverages utility and college partnerships, as nicely as the know-how of its
greatest asset, its citizens, to establish group solar.

The village of L’Anse is a compact city in Michigan’s Higher Peninsula on Lake Superior’s
Keweenaw Bay. While tiny, the group has a thing massive to boast about: A 340-panel,
one hundred ten.5 kilowatt (kW) group solar array. 

The idea behind the array, which is positioned in the village’s Lambert Road Industrial
Park just west of city, is that renewable strength ought to be obtainable to all, no matter
of cash flow. Following doing the job on an economic

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