NBN Co starts testing feasibility of mmWave for future fixed wireless – Telco/ISP

NBN Co has commenced feasibility trials for the delivery of broadband services in millimetre-wave spectrum, which it sees as a potential long-term upgrade path for its current fixed wireless footprint.

The company said in a heavily-redacted regulatory filing [pdf] that it is “undertaking trials to validate the feasibility of using the 26GHz and 28GHz band spectrum over very long ranges (approximately 10km)” for the delivery of fixed wireless broadband services.

“Our studies, and those of our technology partners provide high levels of confidence that the long-range use would allow NBN Co to have significant flexibility to maximise our deployment and

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Java 15 starts to take shape

With Java 14 having reached common availability past 7 days, function has started on the successor, Java fifteen, thanks in September 2020. So much two formal variations, the addition of textual content blocks and the removal of the Nashorn JavaScript motor, have been proposed for the release.

While not yet cited on the formal OpenJDK web site for Java Advancement Kit fifteen, the proposal’s personal OpenJDK page notes JDK fifteen as the goal release. The Nashorn removal is cited on the formal JDK fifteen web site.

The particulars of the two OpenJDK fifteen proposals:

  • Text blocks, previewed in each JDK
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