A Forgotten Legacy: How Nuclear Reactors Built for War Transformed Peacetime Science

(Inside of Science)  — On July sixteen this calendar year, on what marks the 75th anniversary of the initially nuclear bomb examination, a patient may perhaps go to the medical professional for a heart scan. A university student may perhaps open up her textbook to review the complex chemical pathways environmentally friendly plants use to switch carbon dioxide in the air into sugar. A curious grandmother may perhaps spit into a vial for a genetic ancestry examination and an avid angler may perhaps wake up to a wonderful early morning and make your mind up to fish at one particular

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Museums are Full of Forgotten Treasures. Here’s How You Can Help Find Them

All-around the planet, in thousands of museums, there are tens of millions of specimens symbolizing the known organic range of our planet. Each individual 1 of these specimens is a bodily snapshot of time, ready and preserved by a collector in a carefully curated assortment. They are usually pressed in the pages of textbooks, sketched into drawings and notes, or saved in the jars and drawers of museums. These specimens include things like all types of at the time-residing species — and can access back again hundreds of years.

These are usually wonderfully and artfully shown with calligraphy labels and

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