UC Berkeley scientists spin up a robotic COVID-19 testing lab

As doctors close to the state scramble to diagnose instances of COVID-19, scientists at the University of California, Berkeley’s Ground breaking Genomics Institute (IGI) are making from scratch a diagnostic lab with the capability to method extra than 1,000 patient samples for every working day.

This pop-up laboratory, the energy of a one of a kind volunteer staff of tutorial and company partners, will give desperately necessary testing capability in the Bay Area for those people with COVID-19 signs or symptoms and also help public overall health officers evaluate how widespread the epidemic is.

Postdoctoral fellows Jenny Hamilton and Enrique

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COVID-19 radically refocuses CIO agendas in 4 key areas

The escalating COVID-19 pandemic has moved to the top of the listing on CIO agendas that should be resolved in 2020, and probably outside of. In this article, we’ll study the serious-time pandemic implications and impacts for CIOs, with assistance on how to mitigate the risk it presents to staff members, the overall economy, IT staffing and the supply of vital IT solutions. 

As most of us know, a pandemic doesn’t infect IT and telecommunications — it doesn’t set program and networks, details and databases, laptops and workstations, information safety and ability provides and details centers out of circulation. The

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Recognizing the symptoms of COVID-19 using Deep Learning

In the mild of the recent COVID-19 epidemic individuals are by now speaking about the need to have to make and apply the big-scale healthcare checking and help systems that could support the modern society to automate necessary responsibilities related to the provision of community wellbeing companies. This sort of systems could consist of the robotic automation of day to day responsibilities (decontamination, logistics, and so forth.), automatic analysis of healthcare wellbeing records, or even support with the discovery of new medications in opposition to the disease.

A single latest proposal also discusses the possibility of employing deep understanding algorithms

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Birth, Death, Weddings: An Oral History of Covid-19 Disruptions

This is the next chapter in a living oral historical past of the Covid-19 pandemic, an attempt to seize in real-time the stories playing out across our country in the words and phrases of individuals who are going through the pandemic. In the initially chapter, we listened to the voices of individuals sickened by Covid-19 and individuals of the caregivers doing heroic attempts to beat the illness.

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An ER Doctor Describes What It’s Like to Treat Covid-19

The coronavirus has landed, tough, in American emergency rooms. Hospitals in some parts are overcome with critically ill Covid-19 individuals, as the affected individual surge that epidemiologists warned us about is beginning.

Now it’s on doctors and nurses in emergency rooms across the US, who are also desperate for personalized protecting machines like masks and gloves. “We think of the US as just one of the most nicely-resourced places in the planet when it arrives to wellbeing treatment, but it just goes to clearly show that when there is type of popular stress, typical provides can be depleted quite rapidly,”

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