Space is Big, Empty, and Very Very Lonely.

all A 2-kilometer-huge asteroid named 1998 OR2 just flew past the Earth, driving dwelling a person of the most enduring room myths: that the photo voltaic process is a crowded location, packed with traveling rocks that regularly menace the Earth. This past 7 days, many experts and science journalists (including myself) on Twitter have been bombarded with anxious issues from folks who had embraced that myth. They have been anxious that the menace had arrived in the sort of 1998 OR2, a doomsday rock about to strike us.

In fact, room is overwhelmingly vacant. It is vacant to an extent

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2020 Mercedes-AMG CLA45 review: Little big league

Denim blue = chef’s kiss.

Steven Ewing/Roadshow

Mercedes-Benz is launching a whole bunch of incredibly hot little compacts in the US, from the A35 sedan to the CLA35 also-a-sedan to the adorable little GLB35 crossover. But up at the tippy-best of the range is the new CLA45, and close friends, it is a goddamn riot.


  • Turbocharged I4 packs a wallop
  • As well balanced and poised as it is rowdy and playful
  • Superb MBUX infotainment suite

You should not Like

  • Driver-support options all price tag further
  • Optional goodies increase up rapid

The shining star of this AMG is just

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Braven BRV-XXL/2 rugged speaker hands-on: Big size, big sound, and built for 18 hours of blissful audio playback


Google Property speakers litter the inside of my house even though I have a pair of Best Ears little moveable speakers to love outside. The individuals at ZAGG despatched alongside the new Braven BRV-XXL/two rugged moveable speaker for me to try out and I almost fell out of my garden chair in sheer joy listening to typical rock blast out of this boombox speaker.

The BRV-XXL/two is a significant speaker with a pounds of 17.four kilos, but you speedily fail to remember about the pounds as quickly as you connect your phone and stream audio to the speaker. My household

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How Big Are Neutron Stars?

Neutron stars are the stellar corpses remaining driving when a huge star goes supernova. They’re unimaginably dense. A tablespoonful of neutron star put on Earth’s surface area would weigh roughly as considerably as Mount Everest (whilst a tablespoonful of the Sunshine would weigh as little as about five lbs .). And whilst the mass variety of neutron stars has been fairly nicely constrained above the years, it’s been tougher to pin down exactly how huge they are. Most astronomers, however, think that mass is packed into a sphere about as major as a city. 

Now, a new review has combined

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