Supply chain disruptions force companies to rethink strategy

Offer chain disruptions charge companies a great deal in 2020 in each profits and brand name name.

Though the COVID-19 pandemic was a key offender, quarantines and orders to function from home have been only partly liable for bringing offer chains to a grinding halt, according to a new report from GEP Worldwide, a offer chain and procurement consulting and services organization based mostly in Clark, N.J.

“The Cost of Offer Chain Disruption” bundled a survey of four hundred directors and C-degree executives from 5 industries — agriculture and food, consumer goods and retail, power and utilities, health care and pharmaceuticals, and industrials these types of as automotive, equipment and telecoms. 50 % of the survey respondents self-determined as operating in offer chain and procurement, and fifty percent in strategy, finance and IT. 

COVID-19 just 1 of a lot of disrupters

The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the offer chain disruptions of 2020, but it was not the root lead to. Other shocks these types of as escalating stability threats and globalization have been already in engage in right before COVID-19 hit, forcing offer chain and procurement leaders to grapple with and transform their strategy and point of view, mentioned John Piatek, vice president of consulting for GEP Worldwide’s consumer and retail division.

John PiatekJohn Piatek

“In a lot of strategies, we have this fog of COVID, but the survey showed that offer chains are under assault from a complete variety of other factors — cyber assaults, rate fluctuations, transforming regulation and the risk of extra regulation,” Piatek mentioned. “It is really definitely been complicated for offer chain companies, since offer chain procedures that they’ve operated with in the past are no for a longer period match for purpose or the future.”

Practically fifty percent of the survey respondents stated COVID-19 as possessing a significant impression on offer chain operations. Other significant factors bundled cyber assaults, commodity rate fluctuations, diverging requirements and laws, and challenges similar to trade relations with China.

“Some of these are craze-based mostly, but cyber assaults, in unique, are anything that really picked up previous calendar year,” Piatek mentioned. “There’s often the hazard of hacking, which has been a extensive-time period thing, but now a lot of organizations are frightened about what a cyber assault means for them.”

Supply chain disruption
Offer chain disruption

Hits to base line and brand name image

Offer chain disruptions in 2020 had a real impression on the base line, as companies dropped trillions of dollars in profits, according to the report, with sixty four% of respondents reporting profits losses between 6% and 20%.

The survey also indicated that the disruptions triggered a significant hit in brand name name, with 38% of respondents reporting that their manufacturers had been impacted. Several respondents mentioned that their struggles to preserve provides of goods and services remaining customers annoyed.

For instance, work out products and services organization Peloton suffered customer unrest when it could not ship work out equipment just as need spiked during the pandemic, Piatek mentioned.

“Offer chain disruption can have significant extensive-time period outcomes on brand name name, and buyers have not been forgiving to COVID-similar complications around the past calendar year,” he mentioned. “These are real complications that are hurting manufacturers and these executive teams are knowing that have not been presented a free pass below. They are paying a high rate for this.”

Peloton suffered since its offer chain units lacked the overall flexibility to offer with transforming need, according to Piatek.

“Peloton is a fantastic instance of a organization that comprehended the challenge much way too late, since by the time they realized how harmful it was for their brand name, it limited the sum of selections they had to rectify it,” he mentioned.  “The challenge was, in the early days of the pandemic, they noticed the transform in consumer need, but they had not traditionally invested in a generation and offer chain product that gave them the proper degree of redundancy and overall flexibility to ramp up that generation as they required.”

Offer chain disruption can have significant extensive-time period outcomes on brand name name, and buyers have not been forgiving to COVID-similar complications around the past calendar year.
John PiatekVice president of consulting, GEP Worldwide

Will need for extra overall flexibility, visibility

Firms are recognizing the seriousness of offer chain disruptions and are starting to carry out technology and procedures to tackle the challenges, according to the report.

A the greater part of respondents, sixty one%, indicated that redundancy and resiliency are extra essential in the offer chain than speed and efficiency. Just around fifty percent mentioned that their companies need to make significant changes in the up coming 5 yrs to manage offer chain disruptions. Measures include finding extra offer chain visibility and cutting down the reliance on suppliers from any 1 country, but specially from China.

Though China will most likely keep on being a massive production base, the report mentioned, a a hundred% China-centric offer chain likely ahead is unlikely. In reality, a lot of companies are now moving production operations from China to India, Mexico, Vietnam and other Southeast Asian international locations.

This signifies a “enormous change” in a firm’s offer chain strategy, Piatek mentioned, and has been spurred by the Biden Administration’s executive get on offer chain resiliency. Firms are starting to think about the possibilities of reshoring or bringing suppliers and production operations for critical industries closer to home.

“This would not signify that they have to rip out every little thing they’ve constructed in the past, and it would not signify China’s likely everywhere,” he mentioned. “But we are going to see extra ‘China as well as one’ styles, wherever you have a low-charge generation spot of choice blended with extra production and offer chain property closer to finish consumption, letting the organization to have extra resiliency and redundancy in its technique.”

Jim O’Donnell covers ERP and other organization purposes for SearchSAP and SearchERP.

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