Sergey Levine: Humans, Robots, and Machine Learning

What is the variance between condition-of-the-artwork robots and ‘state-of-the-art’ individuals? Can we assess them in phrases of actual physical hardware, and in phrases of total ability? How can we introduce a commonsense reasoning in robotics?

These are just some of the inquiries talked about in the most recent interview presented by Lex Fridman, wherever he talks about the most recent improvements and traits in robotics and deep learning with Sergey Levine, the entire world-renowned skilled of artificial intelligence, specializing in the region of deep learning, reinforcement learning, robotics, and pc vision.

“Obviously, human bodies are refined, and pretty strong, and resilient in many ways, but on the total, if we’re prepared to devote a little little bit of revenue and do a little bit of engineering, we can variety of near the hardware gap. Almost. But the intelligence gap – that one is pretty wide”, suggests S. Levine.

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