Rust 1.58.1 fixes dangerous race condition

This position release arriving January 20, 2022, just times following Rust 1.58, fixes a race ailment in the std::fs::eliminate_dir_all typical library functionality. This vulnerability is tracked at CVE-2022-21658 and there was an advisory published. An attacker could use this stability challenge to trick a privileged plan into deleting information and directories that the attacker normally could not obtain or delete. Rust versions 1. by means of 1.58 are influenced by this vulnerability. End users are recommended to update their toolchains and create plans with the updated compiler.

Rust 1.58.1 also addresses numerous regressions in diagnostics and equipment introduced in Rust 1.58:

  • The non_ship_fields_in_mail_ty Clippy lint was found to have far too lots of bogus positives and has been moved to the experimental lints team named “nursery”.
  • The worthless_format Clippy lint was up-to-date to take care of captured identifiers in format strings, launched in Rust 1.58.
  • A regression in Rustfmt preventing created information from currently being formatted when handed as a result of the standard input has been fastened.
  • An incorrect error information shown by rustc in some conditions has been mounted.

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