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Due to the fact the Perseverance rover landed in Jezero crater on Mars in February, the rover and its workforce of scientists back on Earth have been challenging at get the job done exploring the ground of the crater that when held an ancient lake. Perseverance and the Mars 2020 mission are wanting for indicators of ancient life on Mars and preparing a returnable cache of samples for later on analyses on Earth.

Katie Stack Morgan is the Mars 2020 Deputy Job Scientist and a exploration scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), and will be providing an update on early outcomes on the Mars 2020 rover mission on Sunday, 10 Oct., at the Geological Culture of America’s Connects 2021 once-a-year conference in Portland, Oregon.

With Perseverance’s significant-tech suite of on-board devices, the scientific workforce has been analyzing the rocks of the crater ground, interpreted for now as igneous rocks, presumably a volcanic lava movement.

“The notion that this could be a volcanic rock was actually captivating to us from a sample return viewpoint mainly because igneous rocks are good for acquiring accurate age dates. Jezero was a person of the several ancient crater lake web sites on Mars that seemed to have the two incredible sedimentary deposits as nicely as volcanic deposits that could support us build the geologic time scale of Mars,” stated Stack Morgan.

The lake method and rivers that drained into Jezero crater were being most likely lively around three.eight-three.6 billion a long time ago, but the capacity to specifically day the age of the rocks in laboratories on Earth will supply the very first definitive insight into the window of time that Mars could have been a habitable planet.

Working with Perseverance’s abrasion device — which scratches the top rated surface area of the rock to reveal the rock and its textures — the workforce found out that the crater ground appears to be to be composed of coarser-grained igneous minerals, and there are also a range of salts in the rocks. Observations recommend that h2o brought about extensive weathering and alteration of the crater ground, that means that the rocks were being subjected to h2o for a important length of time.

Following utilizing its on-board resources to analyze characteristics of the crater ground, the up coming stage was for Perseverance to gather a rock sample utilizing its drill function. Having said that, soon after Perseverance accomplished its very first attempt at drilling, the main sample tube arrived up vacant.

“We invested a couple of times wanting around the rover pondering that the main may possibly have fallen out of the bit. Then we seemed back down the drill hole pondering it may possibly never ever have designed it out of the hole. All these searches turned up vacant. In the stop we concluded that the main was pulverized in the course of drilling,” stated Stack Morgan.

The rock most likely became so altered and weakened from interactions with h2o that the vibrations and power from the Perseverance drill pulverized the sample.

Researchers then targeted another rock that appeared a lot more resistant to weathering, and Perseverance was in a position to successfully gather two main samples — the very first in its sample assortment. Perseverance’s cache of samples will be component of a multi-spacecraft handoff, even now in advancement, that will with any luck , be returned to Earth in the early 2030s. From there, scientists in laboratories on Earth will day and analyze the rocks to see if there may possibly be any indicators of ancient Martian life.

“The rocks of the crater ground were being not originally envisioned as the key astrobiology focus on of the mission, but Mars usually surprises us when we appear up near. We are fired up to come across that even these rocks have skilled sustained interaction with h2o and could have been habitable for ancient martian microbes,” stated Stack Morgan.

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