A bike computer sits on a wooden background. The back of the bike computer has a 3D printed attachment with two white translucent zip ties running through the back.

Repairing A Bike GPS With 3D Printing

We appreciate hacks that continue to keep gizmos out of the trash heap, and [Brieuc du Maugouër] has us lined with this 3D printable substitute mount he built for his bike GPS.

A person of the most discouraging ways a gadget can fail is when a smaller, but essential portion of the device fails. [du Maugouër] combined a 3D printed back again and 4 M2x6mm screws to make a sturdy new mount to switch the broken OEM mount on his handlebar-mounted GPS. Slots for zip tie mounting are integrated in case the alternative mount breaks ahead of nevertheless a different alternative can be printed. Seemingly [du Maugouër] agrees with Chief O’Brien that “in a crunch, I wouldn’t like to be caught devoid of a next backup.” [Youtube]

It’s thrilling that we’re eventually in a time when 3D printed substitution sections are dwelling up to their likely. This would be a whole lot less difficult if additional producers posted 3D printed design and style data files as a substitute of obtaining them pulled from 3D file platforms, but makers will find a way no matter of OEM acceptance.

We have included a whole lot of bike hacks about the a long time like Do-it-yourself Bike Personal computers and GPS Trackers. Do you have a venture that retains anything from getting trash or may preserve the planet a different way? There’s even now time to enter the Preserve the Environment Wildcard round of the Hackaday Prize (closes Oct 16th).

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