Raspberry Pi 400 review: The keyboard is the computer Review

The coronary heart of the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s mission is to deliver computing to absolutely everyone, where ever they may well be. The single-board Raspberry Pi products have absent a prolonged way to delivering on that guarantee, by way of kits that bundle keyboard and mouse for a whole computing […]

The coronary heart of the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s mission is to deliver computing to absolutely everyone, where ever they may well be. The single-board Raspberry Pi products have absent a prolonged way to delivering on that guarantee, by way of kits that bundle keyboard and mouse for a whole computing knowledge.

But what if the Pi was developed into the keyboard? Immediately after all, there have been a lot of tasks that put these products inside notebook scenarios or developed them into media centres, or storage programs. But those have all been third-get together tasks, using off-the-shelf Raspberry Pi products and incorporating them to new hardware. What if the boards could be redesigned, and built-in into, say, the formal Pi keyboard? 

The answer to that dilemma is what I’m typing this overview on, the Raspberry Pi four hundred. Making on the proven 4GB Raspberry Pi 4, it can be a machine that appears to be back again to the heyday of the home laptop or computer though continue to being all set for the foreseeable future. Like the Sinclair ZX Spectrum or the Acorn Electron, it can be a keyboard you can join to a Television set and start off coding, or participating in games, or, nicely, whatsoever you want to do with a laptop or computer. 


The Pi four hundred is developed into a modified formal Raspberry Pi keyboard.

Visuals: The PiHut

The Pi four hundred can take the acquainted official Raspberry Pi keyboard with its chiclet keys, producing it slightly thicker and incorporating in a new edition of the acquainted Pi hardware that runs a minimal a lot quicker (1.5GHz instead than the common 1.2GHz) and that reroutes the ports so that everything, even the GPIO ports, are at the back again of the keyboard. Every little thing you want is developed-in underneath the notebook-sized keys incorporate a bootable file program and you are all set to go. 


Ports on the Pi four hundred: GPIO, MicroSD card, 2x micro-HDMI, USB-C electricity, 2x USB 3., USB 2., Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-forty five). Notice the absence of a 3.5mm audio-out jack.

Visuals: The PiHut

Unfortunately, the redesign does necessarily mean that some ports aren’t out there. The Pi four hundred isn’t going to have an audio-out jack, and it only has a single USB 2. port together with two USB 3. ports. Also lacking are the Pi 4’s screen and camera connectors, whilst it continue to retains the Gigabit Ethernet port. It is really very clear that the designers have experienced to make compromises to construct a fanless, a lot quicker, machine, and connectors have been the principal casualties. That’s not as much of an issue as you could feel. The Pi four hundred has a single role: to be a personal laptop or computer, and the IoT-connected capabilities on the single-board Pis aren’t essential. 

The rest of the ports are acquainted to Pi customers. Electrical power arrives by way of USB-C, with two micro-HDMI ports for movie. HDMI functions nicely in this article as it ought to allow for you to join a Pi four hundred to any latest Television set, all set to go. You have two storage solutions: the regular MicroSD card, or booting from an SSD. The Pi four hundred arrives with latest firmware that supports USB boot, so it can be value taking into consideration applying an exterior USB 3. SSD push, which increases efficiency and is much more responsible than a MicroSD card. 

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The Pi four hundred arrives in two different packages: the device on its possess, or in a kit with a mouse, a electricity source, a bootable MicroSD card, and a micro-HDMI-to-HDMI movie cable. The latter alternative is very likely to be the most popular decision, as it can be everything you want to get commenced. Other solutions present alternate keyboard layouts for non-English areas — presently Spanish, French, German, and Italian, with much more variants planned. 

You have quite a few different running program solutions, beyond Raspberry Pi’s possess OS. This 32-bit Debian-derived Linux is a excellent way to get commenced, but you may well choose a much more mainstream Linux distribution. The Raspberry Pi Imager will download 64-bit variations of both of those Ubuntu and Manjaro Linuxes, with an alternate alternative in the condition of an updated release of the authentic ARM OS, RISC OS, as made use of on the original Acorn Archimedes home computer systems. 

We made use of Raspberry Pi OS for our examination program, installing it on a Crucial BX500 240GB 2.five-inch SSD, connected by way of a SATA-to-USB 3. adapter, applying its Wi-Fi to join to our examination community. Certainly, it can be a bit ungainly, acquiring USB-connected storage like this, but it can be fast sufficient for most needs and gives a good deal much more room than an 8GB or 16GB MicroSD card. Overall performance over-all was excellent, with a Geekbench 5 single-core score of 212 and a multi core score of 642. That’s a good enhance over the 8GB Pi 4 we examined (183 and 586 respectively), even with only 4GB of RAM. 


Producing this overview on the Pi four hundred applying LibreOffice Author.

Graphic: Simon Bisson / ZDNet

With the hardware set up and operating, the dilemma is of system, what can you do with it? The uncomplicated answer is, very much nearly anything you want. The Linux ARM ecosystem has been increasing nicely, and most typical programs now have ports. We were being capable to use LibreOffice for most efficiency responsibilities, along with the default Chromium browser. Unfortunately, Google has removed sync capabilities from Chromium, which indicates your Chrome extensions and passwords is not going to migrate to your new desktop. You can continue to install extensions from the Chrome Retail outlet, but it may well acquire a minimal lengthier to get set up. 

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The Raspberry Pi team gives a checklist of picked programs to support you get commenced, and if the software you want to use isn’t really there, then you can use Debian’s Synapse offer manager to find and install applications from the Raspberry Pi OS repositories. Never count on to operate higher-stop games, even though. This is a machine for essential home computing and advancement responsibilities, not for pushing to extremes. And that is just great. 

What the Raspberry Pi four hundred can’t do isn’t going to subject. What is vital is what it can do. Plugging a keyboard into a Television set and launching a code editor to construct your to start with application continues to be remarkable, and by giving entire kits for £93.ninety, or $one hundred ten.forty one (a standalone Pi four hundred is only £66.ninety, or $78.sixty six), it can be an affordable way to get commenced with computing. Educational bundles are out there, much too, so universities can rapidly set up networked laptop or computer labs with low-cost products and essential screens, all set to get total courses on-line and coding. 


If you are in the sector for a low-cost laptop or computer for a bit of coding or some website searching, or even applying a essential efficiency suite, then the Raspberry Pi four hundred will be the equipment for you. It is really brief to get heading, effortless to use, and will make a properly credible Linux desktop Laptop — all at an particularly affordable price tag.

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