How to avoid GC pressure in C# and .NET

Garbage collection takes place when the procedure is lower on offered physical memory or the GC.Gather() method is referred to as explicitly in your application code. Objects that are no for a longer period in use or are inaccessible from the root are candidates for garbage collection.

Although the .Net garbage collector, or GC, is adept at reclaiming memory occupied by managed objects, there may be times when it arrives underneath strain, i.e., when it ought to dedicate more time to accumulating these objects. When the GC is underneath strain to clean up objects, your application will invest much more time garbage accumulating than executing instructions.

Naurally, this GC strain is harmful to the application’s performance. The fantastic news is, you can keep away from GC strain in your .Net and .Net Main applications by next selected best methods. This article talks about those people best methods, using code examples exactly where applicable.

Note that we will be having benefit of BenchmarkDotNet to monitor performance of the approaches. If you are not acquainted with BenchmarkDotNet, I recommend reading this article 1st.

To do the job with the code examples offered in this article, you should really have Visual Studio 2019 set up in your procedure. If you never already have a duplicate, you can down load Visual Studio 2019 in this article.

Generate a console application task in Visual Studio

First off, let’s generate a .Net Main console application task in Visual Studio. Assuming Visual Studio 2019 is set up in your procedure, abide by the methods outlined down below to generate a new .Net Main console application task in Visual Studio.

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