Help! What if My New Job Sucks Too?

Dear OOO,

My position is awful and is crushing my soul. For insurance policy reasons, even though, I won’t be able to quit till I have a new position lined up. This week I bought an give. It is really not my desire position, but it is really something. The trouble, even though, is that certainly I under no circumstances interviewed with any person in particular person, but they be expecting to be back in the office environment by June. So now I am freaking out about the risk that I’ll dislike it there as well. None of the folks I interviewed with appear to be awful, but I certainly didn’t walk away wondering I was dying to work with them. Ought to I consider the threat or adhere with the satan I know till I can satisfy the folks I’d be performing with confront-to-confront?

—Mark, St. Louis

Quick solution: If the finest issue you can say about your position is that it’s the satan you know, it’s time to quit. Some folks are not able to do that, mainly because quitting means running out of dollars or health care if they leave—I’ll spare you the rant about how possibly we should not tie people’s skill to see a doctor to their employment status—but Mark, you are fortunate enough not to be in that scenario, so operate away.

That mentioned, I do comprehend the problem. Getting your hopes up about a new, considerably less-miserable position only to understand that the new position is similarly miserable or worse would be 10 situations much more soul-crushing. And as we creep back toward an IRL existence, none of us have a very clear check out of what our life will seem like—even if we are not changing positions. So the distinct anxiety of figuring out even considerably less than most of us about what you’re signing up for in a publish-vaccination universe should be too much to handle. There are, having said that, strategies to minimize the prospects of total catastrophe.

Stage a person: Converse to personnel other than the kinds you met through interviews. Personal connections are least difficult, but even if you really don’t have a pal there, you have options. Listservs and Facebook teams in just your occupation are sneaky-fantastic means, even though it’s value framing your preliminary publish incredibly carefully in scenario the group administrator is married to your possible manager or something. If you uncover any latest or previous personnel, get on the telephone with them for twenty minutes and check with all the issues you really don’t think you can check with the hiring manager. If you can’t uncover any person, a blind LinkedIn concept to somebody with the organization on their profile isn’t a bad strategy. (Just take it from somebody who once frightened a stranger out of having a position performing for an unimaginably abusive manager that way.)

Honestly, even though, you need to likely check with the hiring manager much more issues as well. It’s correct that they really don’t have a whole lot of incentive to be truthful about the downsides when they are making an attempt to employ the service of you, but even evasive answers can be revealing. Inquire what the office environment society was like pre-pandemic, and then check with unique abide by-ups. Notify them your concerns with your latest position and check with how their organization addresses comparable problems. Inquire about the largest difficulties in the office you’d be performing in. Pay attention as a great deal to what they really don’t say as what they do. If they faux everything is great, contemplate that a crimson flag. And request to speak to somebody in the department—the hiring manager should not have fears about connecting you with somebody.

These strategies will help place your brain at relieve. But we equally know they can’t solely do away with the threat of ending up somewhere you dislike just as a great deal. I once acknowledged an give for what I truly believed was likely to be a desire position, turning down other alternatives, and … I hated it. But you know what? Every little thing worked out good! I worked there for a whilst, unhappily but with a wage and health insurance policy, and finally found a further gig. A regrettable position choice or two is equally inevitable and, in all likelihood, harmless in a a long time-long occupation.

Rosa G. Rose

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