DeepRapper: Neural Rap Generation with Rhyme and Rhythm Modeling

Due to the elaborate rhyme framework of rap, standard rhyming products are not acceptable for rap era. Due to the deficiency of datasets with rap beat-lyric alignment, no rhythmic modeling process for rap has been made right before.

A modern analyze on proposes a transformer-dependent rap era model for both rhymes and rhythms.

Graphic credit: Pxhere, cost-free licence

To start with, a details mining pipeline is produced to develop rap datasets with aligned rhythmic beats. In purchase to make rap lyrics with rhyme constraint, an autoregressive language model is made. Conquer information is modeled by inserting a beat token aside from the corresponding word.

The model is pre-qualified applying non-rap songs with aligned beats and pure lyrics. Then, it is great-tuned on the rap songs with aligned beats. Aim and subjective evaluations verify that the model generates high-top quality raps with fantastic rhymes and rhythms.

Rap era, which aims to develop lyrics and corresponding singing beats, requirements to model both rhymes and rhythms. Earlier operates for rap era concentrated on rhyming lyrics but dismissed rhythmic beats, which are vital for rap general performance. In this paper, we produce DeepRapper, a Transformer-dependent rap era technique that can model both rhymes and rhythms. Due to the fact there is no available rap dataset with rhythmic beats, we produce a details mining pipeline to accumulate a large-scale rap dataset, which features a large number of rap songs with aligned lyrics and rhythmic beats. Second, we layout a Transformer-dependent autoregressive language model which diligently products rhymes and rhythms. Specially, we make lyrics in the reverse purchase with rhyme illustration and constraint for rhyme enhancement and insert a beat symbol into lyrics for rhythm/beat modeling. To our understanding, DeepRapper is the initial technique to make rap with both rhymes and rhythms. Equally objective and subjective evaluations exhibit that DeepRapper generates artistic and high-top quality raps with rhymes and rhythms. Code will be unveiled on GitHub.

Investigate paper: Xue, L., “DeepRapper: Neural Rap Generation with Rhyme and Rhythm Modeling”, 2021. Url: muscles/2107.01875

Rosa G. Rose

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