Cannondale Quick Neo SL Review (2020): A Fast, Fun E-Ride

Now would seem like a good time to confess: I never wear a mask whilst running or biking. My neighborhood streets and parks are sparsely populated. It is straightforward for me to give people a berth of much far more than ten toes when I do see them. Not sporting […]

Now would seem like a good time to confess: I never wear a mask whilst running or biking. My neighborhood streets and parks are sparsely populated. It is straightforward for me to give people a berth of much far more than ten toes when I do see them.

Not sporting a mask does have effects, nevertheless. If a different individual does spring up at me, I stress. If you method me as I’m running or biking, I will transform perpendicular to the path and leap immediately into some shrubbery, like a Monty Python character or hapless rom-com heroine.

If this is also your social distancing tactic, you may be wanting for an electrical bike that can transition simply from very long-distance commuting to exciting weekend rides that may possibly or may possibly not require some surprising jouncing. I propose the Specialised Turbo Vado SL, but if which is a little costly and you will not require rather as considerably energy, the Cannondale Quick Neo SL 1 Remixte is also a exciting, fast, and in some cases confusing journey.

I am going to Just take You There

Photograph: Cannondale

If a hybrid bike is a blend of a mountain bike and a highway bike, then this Cannondale ebike falls somewhere on the spectrum concerning a hybrid conditioning bike and a casual cruiser like the Electra Townie Path Go.

Like a casual cruiser, the Quick Neo SL 1 Remixte has a step-by body to make it simpler for newcomers, specially small types, to hop on. The bigger SL 1 and SL 2 have step-above frames. The SL 1 (not the Remixte variant I am tests) also has a couple of upgrades above the SL 2 that consequence in a a bit larger price tag, like a single far more equipment and a front light.

But the Quick Neo’s resemblance to a cruiser is largely superficial. The battery is built-in into the light-weight aluminum body. It appears to be very considerably like a normal bike, weighing in at a petite 34 lbs .. It has a shock-absorbing carbon-fiber fork, straight mountain-bike-style handlebars, and sturdy Schwalbe tires. River Metropolis Bicycles lent me a little tester, which in shape my 5’2″ body beautifully. It appears to be and feels largely like a sporty conditioning bike.

I never commute to operate (now or ever) regrettably, but I did journey it all over town on errands and by dust and gravel trails in parks in close proximity to my house. The Quick Neo is a course 1 ebike, which implies that it supplies electrical aid up to twenty miles for every hour. I cranked up the Shimano nine-velocity gearing procedure and obtained it simply and happily up to twenty mph on a flat, crystal clear highway by my house, in accordance to my Apple Watch.

The Quick Neo has a Mahle Ebikemotion push procedure, with a rear hub motor that powers the bike by turning the rear hub (the hub is the center of your back again tire’s spokes). Several electrical bike enthusiasts desire a single kind of push procedure above the other. The basic rule of thumb is that a hub procedure is far more responsible and reasonably priced, whilst a mid-push system—one that powers the chain—feels considerably far more all-natural but is in some cases far more costly and needs far more servicing.

If all you’re carrying out is neighborhood commuting on roadways, this bike and its rear hub procedure is good! Nevertheless, if you’re organizing on employing the Quick Neo to go on the occasional path journey, it is value noting that it may possibly really feel unbalanced when climbing off-highway hills. It also does not have a throttle, so you can’t cheat and pump up your velocity when you really feel your front wheel start out to wobble on gravel.

Flashing Lights

Photograph: Cannondale

When we reviewed the Cannondale Treadwell past calendar year, we made particular notice of Cannondale’s proprietary sensor, which sits on the front wheel and can inconspicuously and simply log all your conditioning information. The bike also will come with a proprietary mount, if you acquire the right SP Hook up-compatible case for your telephone.

Sad to say, Cannondale’s handlebars lower in girth as they shift out to the grips, so I can’t use my normal clamp mount. This may be annoying if you, like me, take place to really like your minimalist telephone case and would like to keep employing that alternatively of purchasing a particular a single just to journey your bike.

The bike also has two various apps, with two various strategies to look at and track your information: There is certainly Cannondale’s app, which syncs with Garmin’s absolutely free Hook up app (which went down whilst I had the bike) and Ebikemotion’s app, which is far more desirable, simpler to use, and displays you the bike’s battery stage.

It was disheartening to have to swap concerning apps that I couldn’t even look at whilst I was driving. It didn’t seem to be required for just tracking your stats, specially if you’re also sporting a conditioning tracker or smartwatch that will show you stats like your velocity and distance traveled in any case. Having a solitary app would be much superior than this.

Rather than wanting at the app, you can also just press the button on the down tube, which will blink to notify you a variety of points. As soon as you transform it on, a non-blinking light ring signifies your battery stage (white, eco-friendly, orange, or pink). If you press it again in 50 percent-2nd increments, that alterations your help stage.

The bike has 3 separate levels of aid that you can induce by pushing the button to change from blinking eco-friendly to blinking orange to blinking pink. You’re going to require to do some multicolor blinking light memorization, nevertheless.

I finished up getting perplexed. Blinking pink also implies that your battery is small? What is actually the change concerning blinking and fast blinking? I invested a whole lot of time pushing this button randomly. Just one unfortunate, incredibly hot working day at the foundation of a huge hill in my neighborhood (I have christened this hill the Battery Killer), I stood and consistently pushed the button to induce far more aid, before I at last pulled out my telephone and checked the Ebikemotion app. It instructed me the battery was useless. The good news is, it can be light more than enough to pedal residence with no aid, but I did grumble on the way back again.

Fearless Flyer

Photograph: Cannondale

I desire electrical bikes that look like normal bikes. I use mine largely for cycling all over my neighborhood, and I get a lot less anxious if an ebike appears to be like a normal bike when I lock it up in front of the grocery keep.

For me, driving a bike inescapably reminds me of my teenage years, messing all over on trails and streets in my suburban neighborhood with a gang of mates. I will always affiliate driving a bike with freedom, and that’s what the Quick Neo feels like.

Even Covid-19 can’t wreck my working day. When I’m flying down a gravel hill on the Quick Neo and see a team of unmasked people coming up rapid, then right away jerk the handlebars to the correct and scud off by patchy knee-superior grass, I really feel like I am fourteen years previous again, disobeying curfew and dodging potato gun shots in my friend’s backyard. It is exciting.

Cannondale should really make this bike’s electrical operation a little a lot less proprietary and confusing—a little LED display or clearly labeled help buttons on the handlebars never ever harm anyone!—but general, the Quick Neo is continue to a beautiful, exciting journey for a bicycle owner who needs an available, a single-bike e-quiver.

Rosa G. Rose

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