Brita vs ZeroWater: Two water filter pitcher systems compared

Water is critical for our health and fitness. It nourishes critical entire body organs like your kidneys, shields your skin, and can even aid excess weight reduction. With all its positive aspects, it is crucial that you come across the right drinking water filtration system.

Both equally Brita and ZeroWater are properly-acknowledged names when it will come to drinking water, but with so quite a few models to pick out from, it can be hard to discern which drinking water pitcher filter system is finest for your home.

When comparing Brita vs. ZeroWater drinking water filter pitcher programs, this is almost everything you need to know.

At a glance

Greatest when you want choices



Brita has been about for a long time, getting been recognized in 1966. Irrespective of its long background, Brita continues to evolve. These days, it presents top quality drinking water filter pitcher programs that include things like thirteen drinking water filter pitchers.

Brita filters target unsafe minerals and substances frequently found in tap drinking water. They are specially built to get rid of 99% of the lead in your drinking water, although also eliminating other harmful contaminants like cyanide, cadmium, copper, and mercury. Water filter programs also guard from the unpleasant flavor and odor that will come from surplus chlorine. 

With its Longlast+ filter, Brita presents some of the longer filter lifetime in the overall sector. While its Conventional filters are in line with its rivals at a two-thirty day period lifespan, the Longlast+ filters can give you up to six months of use right before a alternative is desired. This will save you countless dollars in filter replacements.  

Brita filter comparison


Brita filters carry an unconditional 100% cash-again promise for the initial thirty days from acquire, in addition to a a single-yr guarantee. 

Client Assist

Brita consumer aid is readily available by calling 1-800-24-BRITA.

Other products readily available

Greatest when you want top quality filtration



ZeroWater does not present tons of distinct products. In its place, it presents just two choices: drinking water filter pitchers and drinking water filter dispensers. It is acknowledged for its signature 5-phase filtration system, a procedure verified to give nearly whole elimination of the unsafe contaminants in your drinking water. However, the further filtration slows the system down, providing a lessen move price of 6.5 ounces for every minute.

On its internet site, ZeroWater presents a effortless look for software that lets you to look at your neighborhood drinking water source with a TDS looking at. Your acquire also incorporates a free of charge drinking water quality meter, a bonus that will come with all ZeroWater drinking water filter pitchers and dispensers. However, ZeroWater sells its drinking water filter pitchers differently than the typical drinking water filter. Its drinking water filter pitchers are sold as an overall system that incorporates your pitcher and a few filters. Your acquire routinely enrolls you in the ZeroWater alternative program. This subscription-centered assistance lets you to obtain alternative filter deliveries on a recurring basis of just about every a single, two, or four months. Each individual alternative order expenses $29.99, in addition shipping.

ZeroWater filter comparison


ZeroWater presents a constrained ninety-day producing promise for its drinking water filter pitcher programs. If a defect is found in just ninety days of acquire, ZeroWater will switch the components at no cost. To file a ZeroWater claim, you can simply call 1-800-503-2939 or use the internet site make contact with sort. 

Other products readily available

Comparison: Brita vs. ZeroWater



Number of drinking water filter pitchers



Regular range of filters provided



Selling price array

$20 – $40

$20 – $50

Capacity array

6 – 12 cups

6 – 12 cups

Most filter potential

40 – 120 gallons

20 gallons

Approximate filter lifetime

Conventional: two months

Stream: two months

Longlast+: 6 months

two months


1-yr guarantee

30-day cash-again promise

ninety-day company defect promise

Filtration programs

Both equally Brita and ZeroWater drinking water pitcher filter programs use filtration programs that have been tested and verified to get rid of a full host of unsafe contaminants in your natural drinking water source. However, Brita filters have a tendency to focus a lot more on chlorine and lead elimination, although ZeroWater normally takes a a lot more thorough strategy. ZeroWater targets a higher volume of contaminants, with testing revealing a a great deal higher elimination price than Brita. 

Contaminant elimination

Nearly a lot more crucial than the elimination by itself is the sort of elements that are removed from your drinking water. ZeroWater presents a straightforward listing of vital contaminants removed alongside with further information percentages, although Brita is a lot more obscure about the further specifics of its testing.

In comparing ZeroWater’s 5-phase filtration as opposed to Brita’s two-phase filtration, ZeroWater outperforms in approximately just about every category. 















Filter lifetime

1 of the finest attributes about Brita drinking water filter pitcher programs is the option of the Longlast+ filter. With a pleated filter design, your pitcher lasts up to six months, in comparison to just a number of months with ZeroWater. However the period of your ZeroWater filter will count on your neighborhood drinking water source. Additional contaminants will use up your filters speedier. 


Cost is a single area where Brita and ZeroWater are not as well distinct. With in the same way-sized pitchers, the two organizations demand similar pricing from $20 to $40, while ZeroWater can cost up to
$50 for its ten Cup Ready-Pour model


Guarantee and Guarantees

A evident difference in between Brita as opposed to ZeroWater drinking water filter pitcher programs is the guarantee provided by each individual enterprise. While ZeroWater skips the guarantee altogether, Brita shines with its manufacturer’s guarantee that lasts for an overall yr. Brita also presents an unconditional 30-day moneyback promise, although ZeroWater restricts its promise to just company flaws that come about in just ninety days of acquire.  

Client aid

Cell phone




1-800-24-BRITA toll-free of charge

Send an electronic mail

Emails checked everyday, Monday by way of Friday

Monday by way of Friday, nine:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST


1-800-503-2939 toll-free of charge

Send an electronic mail to [email protected]   

Monday by way of Friday, eight:00 a.m. – eight:00 p.m. CT

Prospects can make contact with Brita and ZeroWater in similar strategies. Both equally organizations present phone and electronic mail aid, and although Brita claims it checks e-mails just about every day, ZeroWater is open up longer each individual day, giving their crew longer to assistance with consumer inquiries and aid. 

Execs and negatives



  • Significantly a lot more pitcher choices
  • Prolonged Longlast+ filter lifetime
  • Guarantee and promise


  • Limited filtration
  • One filter provided
  • Tough to differentiate by identify



  • 5-phase filtration 
  • 3 filters provided
  • Free of charge drinking water quality meter


  • Limited filter lifetime
  • Subscription-centered filters 
  • No guarantee

Which is the right a single for you? 

Brita and ZeroWater both have their positive aspects and downsides, but they also provide distinct needs.

Brita is a leading select when you want the flexibility of numerous choices. It presents a considerably vast choice of drinking water filter pitchers, with thirteen choices in comparison to ZeroWater’s 7. However, ZeroWater presents effectiveness with a lot more filters provided upfront with your acquire. It will save you cash in the long run and will save you a journey to the retail store for a alternative with its effortless subscription-centered program. It is a great matter, as well, mainly because ZeroWater filters past just a pair of months although Brita’s Longlast+ filter will give you about six months of use.

If you are seeking for a great deal of choices, Brita is a wonderful drinking water pitcher filter system for your needs. However, if top quality filtration is your principal objective, ZeroWater provides fantastic final results for your drinking water filter pitcher system. 

Are there alternate options value contemplating?

Lots of other organizations manufacture drinking water filter pitcher programs. Other hugely-rated models on present-day sector include things like these finest drinking water filters for 2021. 

Brita vs. ZeroWater FAQ

Which enterprise is greater when comparing Brita vs. ZeroWater?

Both equally Brita and ZeroWater present numerous hugely-rated choices for drinking water filter pitcher programs.  Brita is a little more cost-effective with a lot more choices and greater product or service safety, but ZeroWater presents a top quality filtration system that exceeds Brita’s capabilities. 

What does a drinking water filter pitcher do?

Water filter pitcher programs include an inner filtration system applying a replaceable drinking water filter. It purifies your drinking water by eliminating unsafe contaminants like lead and chlorine from day to day ingesting drinking water, generating greater-tasting drinking water and more healthy drinking water.

How a great deal does a drinking water filter pitcher cost?

The cost of a drinking water filter pitcher system varies, depending on the model and attributes that you pick out. Brita and ZeroWater products both start out about $20, but Brita maxes out at $40, although ZeroWater has a utmost cost of $50. 

To come across the finest choices for you, consider what is finest to aid your neighborhood drinking water source.  

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