A Nest Audio 2-Pack for $89 is One of Those Deals

A Nest Audio 2-Pack for $89 is One of Those Deals

Acquiring two of anything for the cost of just one is usually thought of as a genuinely superior deal. But what if you could get two for considerably less than the rate of one particular? Which is the tale these days from Google with its Nest Audio speakers.

Google’s “Room-filling Audio Package” gets you two Nest Audio speakers for $89.99. Since a Nest Audio typically fees $99.99 by alone, very well, now you see why this is much better than a obtain a single, get a person offer. It is a buy two, snicker at all the unlucky fools who paid full rate for one, when you just bought two for significantly less offer. That did not actually land like I wanted it to, but you get the stage.

The Google Retail outlet has this deal (if you see other vendors, enable us know) by means of that immediate website link down below. All you have to do on that site is decide the colour of the 2-pack and then purchase. There are no codes or have to have to add two to cart – this is already a 2-pack setup. Google has Charcoal, Sage, Chalk, Sand, and Sky offered.

A single of the ideal good reasons to just take benefit of this deal is for the reason that you can setup a Nest Audio (overview) pair as a stereo pair of speakers. Of system, this would also give you two a lot more Nest speakers to support fill out your household with grouping capabilities and entry to Google Assistant.

Appreciate this offer.

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