The Pandemic Is Making Us Depressed and Anxious. Can Healthy Food Provide Relief?

Comfort and ease food was created for instances like these. Acquired a pound or two? Don’t be really hard on yourself immediately after all, there is a pandemic going on. Shamelessly sinking into a big bowl of macaroni and cheese (the boxed assortment, of program) is one particular of the several pleasures we have left.

This teach of imagined may well audio common to you. The coronavirus pandemic has adjusted each element of our life, including our ingesting routines. The healthful-food pattern that took root in modern many years is reversing, at the very least for the time currently being.

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Texas Twister Cuts Destructive Path Visible From Space

Trees ripped out of the floor, autos tossed in the air, and households shredded into splinters — the aftermath of a twister can be a scary sight to behold from the floor.

But what about from room? Is it possible to see a tornado’s route of destruction in satellite imagery?

As the Landsat 8 satellite image higher than shows, the respond to is yes. That considerably uneven line marked by arrows is the route of a twister spawned by a supercell storm procedure that churned throughout just about three hundred miles of the southern United States on Aprill 22 and

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How Engineers Kept the Power On in India

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Earlier this thirty day period, Indian Key Minister Narendra Modi questioned the complete state to simultaneously swap off the lights. The gesture was meant to be a demonstrate of solidarity throughout the coronavirus pandemic, but Modi’s ask for remaining energy engineers scrambling to protect against a nationwide blackout. 

In a televised tackle on the afternoon of Friday, 3 April, Modi referred to as on … Read More

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Visiting the City That Built the Hanford Nuclear Site

As my plane approaches the Tri-Cities Airport in south-central Washington state, the sandy expanse outside my window gives way to hundreds of bright green circles and squares. From this semi-arid terrain springs an irrigated oasis of potatoes, hops, peaches, and sweet corn. Just beyond our view is one of the most contaminated places in the world: the Hanford Site, home to 177 aging tanks of radioactive waste.Read More

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Couchbase automates cloud-native database management

NoSQL database vendor Couchbase advanced its cloud-native database deployment efforts with the release of the Autonomous Operator for Kubernetes 2.0 update.

Kubernetes, an open source container orchestration system, is a foundational element of cloud-native environments. With cloud native, organizations can run the same software across multiple cloud providers, as well as on on-premises deployments, providing administrators with more opportunities to automate database management.

An Operator defines and enables a mechanism to package, deploy and manage an application in an autonomous approach. Many database vendors, including DataStax, NuoDB and CockroachDB, among others, have also embraced the Kubernetes Operator model.

Couchbase is

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